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Can you imagine yourself least concerned about the national and international affairs being an educated individual? Nobody, for sure, will go in favour of the above condition. A person can be jugded as an intellectual one on the basis of general knowledge he has about all the recent happenings in the national and international domain. A person having a sound knowledge of general knowledge and current affairs will attain academic as well as personal growth.

General knowledge and current affairs makes us analyze the pros and cons of a situation.The events and occurings are completely uncertain now- a- days and this statement gives a call to the urge of staying updated with the current affairs.

The branches of general knowledge generally are:

  • •Current affairs
  • •Fashion
  • •Family
  • •Physics
  • •Arts
  • •Science

Importance of general knowledge and current affairs:

  • •Helps to grow your confidence level
  • •Enhances our exposure level
  • •Makes us capable to analyze things
  • •Strengthen one’s personality
  • •Helps you on the academic front

It is difficult to practice all the sections in detail. But, you can practice commonly asked questions from all sections which will help you get an idea of what is asked. We offer you some of the amazing questions from all the sections to score equally good in all of them.

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  • Detailed analysis of perfomance and scruti
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