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Test Series


₹ 10,000 /-

New Testing Package 01

₹1,500/- ₹1,000/- 33.33%



Enrollment closed on 20th May 2021

ViDU New Trial Pack

₹10,000/- ₹8,000/- 20%

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500+ Tests, Covers SSC/Railways/Banking

Video can be played both App and Web

Study Material will be provided


Video can be watch: 3 Times

Enrollment closed on 20th Oct 2020

Dark Horse New Batch

₹1,000/- ₹500/- 50%

Start Date: 12 March

Maths & English Class for SSC CGL Mains

Validity: 6 Months

Can be played in App and Web

Can watch each class thrice

Enrollment closed on 1st Dec 2021

Video Class

Neet 2020

₹5,000/- ₹3,500/- 30%

Enrollment closed on 31st Dec 2019

Java Classes

₹10,000/- ₹4,000/- 60%

Online classes will start from 1st April 20

Online classes will end on 1stNov 20

Enrollment closed on 31st Dec 2020

Live Classes for English Language

₹1,500/- ₹999/- 33.4%

Live Classes for English Language

200 Hours

Valid for 6 months from the date of purchase



₹ 10,000 /-


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