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Class 10 Akash Institute _Hussain
Class 10 Akash Institute _Hussain

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6th Jul 11:56 AM
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Demo 1
Demo 1

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4th Dec 12:58 PM
social monitoring organization_suranjani
social monitoring organization_suranjani

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1st May 06:28 PM


Test Zoom
Test Zoom

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12th Oct 04:43 PM

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Logical Reasoning

Session 01 || By R S Aggrwal Sir
Session 01 || By R S Aggrwal Sir

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4th Dec 12:42 PM
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Trail Assignment

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Course Highlights


250+ Hours Maths Special Online LIVE Classes

250+ Online Maths Special Live Classes. Each class of 1- 1.5 hours. Session recording will be provided for all live classes


Classroom Environment

Maths Special Classes are designed to provide you personalized learning experience and allow interactions between aspirants & teachers


Doubt Clearing Sessions

Discussion board and Maths Special live doubt clearing sessions to resolve every single doubt you may have


100+ Preparation Tests

100+ Mocks Tests (30 Maths Mock Test(CGL Mains) + 20 Maths Sectional Test, Many more Topic Wise Tests


Personalized Mentoring

1 to 1 interaction sessions with our expert teachers


Other Benefits

Complete updated Maths Special Study Material & Test Papers will be provided By Mother's Education Hub with advance level. (Error free)

SSC Special Maths (Basic + Practice) Online Coaching (Upto Mains Level) :

Batch Duration: 200 Days

Batch Starts on: 25th Decemberl 2019

Class Timings: 12:15 PM – 01:45 PM

Arithmetic & Advance Maths both will be covered By Rajesh Nehra Sir.

Days : Monday to Friday

Batch Valid till : 31st October 2020

About Mother's Education Hub:

Mother's Education Hub is the fastest growing coaching institute to cater to the demands and expectations of the students. Today the Institute has 11 branches operating in the major cities of Rajasthan. Mother's Education Hub has given 9000+ selections in various competitive exams [ 1000+ selections in 2018 (Also given All India Rank -3 & 12 in SSC CGL 2017 ] and the real force behind the stupendous success is Mr. Rajesh Nehra and Mother's highly competent faculties.

Exams Covered:

Study Material:

Complete updated Study Material & Test Papers will be provided By Mother's Education Hub with advance level. (Error free)


S.No Session Name Topic
1 Time & Work Time & work , Wages , Pipe & Cistern
2 Time Speed & Distance Relation b/w Time, Speed and Distance, Relative Speed, Question related to train, Boat and stream, and Race
3 Number System & Simplification Unit Digit Concept, Factor concept, remainder theorem, AP, GP, HP, Classification of numbers, HCF & LCM
4 Percentage Theory & Questions related to Price, Consumption, Expenditure, Income Tax, Net Income, Saving, Commission, Election, Pass or Fail
5 Profit & Loss Profit Loss discount, Successive discount
6 CI & SI Basic & Advance CI/ SI Interest theory & various questions, Installments
7 Mixture & Allegation Applications of Allegations in different topics as in Profit Loss/ Average/ Percentage/ CI-SI
8 Ratio & Proportion Question related to Coins, Mixture
9 Average
10 Age
11 Algebra Polynomial Theorem, Quadric equation, Cubic Equations, Concept of degree, Basic and Modern Algebra , Maximum & Minimum
12 Geometry Similarity & Congruency Concepts , In-Centre, Circum-Centre , Median Centroid , Ortho-Centre, Angle-Bisector Theorem, BPT & MPT Theorem, MPG, Basic Theorems, Arc, Chord, & Tangent, Parallelogram, Trapezium , Rhombus, Rectangle , Square etc
13 Mensuration 2-D & 3- D , Prism & Pyramid, Concept of Tetrahedron
14 Trigonometry Trigonometric Ratios, Complementary angles , Degree and Radian , Maximum and Minimum values, Tables
15 Coordinate Geometry Mirror reflection, Intersection Theory, Tangent theory, Area of triangle
16 Data Interpretation Table, Pie

Our Mentors:


Rajesh Nehra Sir

(Quantitative Aptitude)
  • Director, Founder & Maths Faculty of Mother’s Education Hub. One of the most acclaimed mentors in the industry for his teaching methodology, motivational sessions & preparation planning
  • He has been mentoring SSC/Bank/CAT aspirants since 8 years. He has cleared SSC & Bank exams in 2012 & 2013
  • Having a great experience and vast knowledge in teaching Math for various exams and a sound understanding of complex mathematical concepts


What are the benefits of online coaching?

Online coaching is the best options in terms of convenience factor. It is not time consuming and gives you a chance to prepare in your comfort zone. Moroever, it is quite reasonable as compared to offline courses/ coaching institutes in the market.

How will I get the study materials?

Dear student, you will be provided with all the study materials in pdf form and you can download it form our website, once the package has been purchased by you. 

How to get class if we missed live class?

If you missed live class there is available in vod in that package.

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